Dr. George Hall Students Participate in the Write to Give Program

Students at Dr. George Hall Public School are once again participating in the Write to Give program, which is run by the World Teacher Aid organization. Working with several other schools across Ontario, students write and illustrate a collection of stories centred around a particular character trait.  This year, primary students at Dr. George Hall P.S. will be working with the theme of “caring.” Mrs. Schmiegelow’s, Mrs. Marsh’s, Mrs. Kirkpatrick’s, Mrs. Anderson’s and Mrs. Adams’s classes will each write a part of the book, and Mrs. Karklins’ Grade 4 class is helping to write another book with other schools.

Write to Give has partnered with Scholastic Canada to publish these books, and proceeds go toward the building and supply of schools in Africa, where the book will also be distributed. These schools were built by the World Teacher Aid organization. Over 1,000 books, including “Tornado Trouble,” (right) were sent to Kenya last year.

“The Write to Give Campaign has been designed to empower elementary school students to become published authors while giving back to children in the Developing Nations. All books created in the series are written and illustrated by students.”


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