LCVI Takes Part in G7 Wellness Week

On Thursday, November 17, LCVI took part in this year’s G7 Wellness Week to inspire the Feed all Four initiative and get students involved.

The G7 student senate is a group made up of seven senior students: one from each of the seven high schools in the Trillium Lakelands District School Board. At the beginning of each school year, a new representative is voted for and elected to be the G7 representative at each high school. The group keeps the communication lines open between the high schools, students and the board and brings up any student concerns to the trustees. They attend bi-monthly board meetings and run different events within their schools as well as board-wide events, such as the Pasta Challenge. For the past several years, the G7 committee has run Wellness Day in high schools across the board to promote the Feed all Four initiative.

“Wellness Day is important because people have to be conscious about being healthy. If you’re not well, it can send you into a downward spiral where you’re less productive and enjoy everything less,” commented Claire Allore, grade twelve student.

LCVI participated in Wellness Day this year by running several different events for students during the last two periods of the day. Students could sign up for Yoga and Tumbao classes held in the dance room and gym to support the wellness of the body. For the mind, Forrest Gump was played in the cafeteria, and tile decorating was held in the common area. A therapy dog from St John’s Ambulance also roamed the school, visiting students and Inside Out was played in the cafeteria as well to promote the wellness of emotions. For the wellness of spirit, the last section of the Feed all Four initiative, students had the opportunity to put their handprint on the community banner.

“It gives students a chance to get involved with each other and focus on themselves. Getting the message of wellness out like this puts it in a different light and gets students involved in a healthy way. Hopefully they’ll be able to carry these practices into their everyday life,” said Abby Smith, grade twelve student.

Events differed from school to school. Paige Hennekam, LCVI’s G7 representative decided on Yoga and Tumbao classes because she thought students would enjoy them, and also came up with the therapy dog and tile decorating idea.

“There’s something for everybody,” explained Hennekam. “We’ve never participated in Wellness Day before, but I thought it would be a really good opportunity for people to get involved and learn more about Feed all Four.”

Article and photos by Koral Lambert.