Huntsville High School Raises $4,700 for Syrian Refugee Family

Huntsville Students

Huntsville High School Students hosted a fundraising dinner on March 10, 2016 to support a Syrian Refugee family that is coming to Huntsville. In total, the event raised over $4,700. The fundraiser was organized by four of Huntsville High School’s student leadership teams (Student Parliament, Interact Club, Me to We, and Athletics Association) and included a dinner, penny auction, silent auction, and live auction. The theme was “Welcome to Muskoka.” The students were able to collect some great donations from local Huntsville businesses, whom the students approached over the past number of weeks to support the event.

Over 125 people attended the event, and many were raving about the “Syrian Menu” that was created by  HHS students in the Culinary Arts courses. Approximately 10 elementary students were involved in helping serve and clear tables. Tawingo students also created posters to help with the decorations.

The mayor of Huntsville, Scott Aitchison, opened the evening with a welcome speech and the Syrian Refugee Sponsorship committee from Huntsville was also be there with a brief presentation to provide information about the process of the family who is coming to the town.

“Tonight is all about supporting the local Syrian Refugee Family coming to Huntsville,” says Victoria, a grade 9 student at Huntsville High School. “They’re going to need a lot of things. Everything from cutlery, to pillow cases, to clothing. Our role was to approach to donors and ask for auction items, sell tickets, and set-up.”

When asked about the response from the community – while it was evident in the room – Victoria said “the community was really supportive and pleased to see youth getting involved. They were very receptive to high school students doing the outreach.”

Emily, also a grade 9 student at Huntsville High School, said “This fundraiser helped us to gain an better understanding of what others are going through, besides ourselves, and helps for us to learn responsibilities and take on tasks outside of our regular day-to-day.”

In TLDSB there are great learning opportunities throughout the board. This event in particular was an example of students showing exemplary sense of citizenship, community, and ambition.