Bobcaygeon PS Scares Hunger

The Me to We group from Bobcaygeon PS participated in the annual WE Scare Hunger campaign this fall. WE Scare Hunger is a local campaign partnered by Ford, where non-perishable food items are collected by students and donated to a local food bank.

Me to We’s WE Schools program provides tips for teachers on how to make a better learning environment for
students that includes unique learning experiences. All programs come with instructions on how to get started and tips on how to involve students and enhance their learning experiences. Other community school campaigns include WE Create Change, WE Won’t Rest, and WE Volunteer Now.

Bobcaygeon PS’s Me to We group took part in the initiative along with many other schools across the board, collecting food through late October and early November. Bobcaygeon PS collected over 500 pounds of food for their local food bank.

“All students participated by decorating collection bags, donating food, and collecting and packaging donated food items,” commented Tracey Bradley, secretary.

Bobcaygeon PS’s Me to We group would like to thank Country Ford Lincoln for sponsoring all of their materials and delivering the food to the food bank.

Ms Bradley also mentioned, “We would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the community of Bobcaygeon – your generosity is inspirational!”

Article by Koral Lambert.